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Honey Harvest
1) beekeepers suite - mesh helmet and folding veil would do it, with some layers of clothes
2) smoker with fuel (dry branches, leaves, etc.) and a lighter
3) frame super - where frames with honey combs will be put for transportation
4) sting resistant gloves
5) hive tool - to move the frames, scrape wax, etc.

Honey Extraction
1) heated knife - to unseal honey cells
2) uncapping fork - to unseal honey cells missed by the heated knife
3) tubs for wax/honey
4) extractor! - Fancy cylindrical piece of equipment, used to extract honey
5) food-grade bucket - to catch honey out of the extractor
6) double sieve - catches wax and impurities as honey is poured from extractor
7) containers - final destination of honey before consumption
But in local setting all you need is dry wood that can easily catch fire, a bucket, lighter or matches for harvesting. Then during extraction, all you need is the sieve, extraction is done manually.
The process is very simple, once you have located or sited the hive you want to harvest, then get your fire equipments (dry wood and lighter) ready, wait till in the night before you go for harvesting.
NOTE: please make sure you don’t go during the day for harvesting; else the bees will feed on you.
Another important tip is that if you are going to harvest in the night, then make sure you are putting on very tight shirt, such that nothing can penetrate or do not put on any shirt or any top cloth. This is because if the bees happen to enter inside your cloths then you are finished.
If you get to the place light the dry wood, make sure it is burning fiery and is bringing out enough smoke. Place it very close to the hive, and the bees will flee. Some of them will try to come close to attack you, but do not worry, always use the fire on your hand to scare them away from you. As they flee, use your hand to insert inside the hive and bring out the honey in bulk. Some of the bees will even follow the honey into you container.
Then after that, use your hand to press out the honey from its container, after pressing with your hand, as you are pressing out the honey, some particles will enter inside the honey, use the sieve to separate the honey from the particles.
At this point, your honey is ready to bottle. Use clean, sterilized bottles to avoid contaminating your honey product.

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